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    Ben and Ptolemy – The Bay Tree Bedlington’s Third Blog

    Ben and Ptolemy are now getting on a lot better and we are now confident taking them both down to the beach. We love letting them off their leads and letting them play with their balls at the same time! We are very fortunate to have a big sandy playground for them right below us! The Kent Coast being literally on our doorstep is such a treat for us and our guests too.    Here, Ptolemy is trying to gain Ben’s affections by washing his ear’s for him. They are wearing their coats as we were about to go out for a walk in light rain and they are not…

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    Ben and Ptolemy: The Bay Tree Bedlingtons’ Second Blog

    Here we are with blog two of the Bay Tree’s Bedlingtons; Ptolemy, on the left, and Ben. They are getting more used to each other…Ptolemy just wants to play! They will sometimes share food, although usually Ptolemy has high protein puppy food! Ptolemy fits in some of our jackets for brief walks along the Esplanade. It may be best at the moment with the January chill in the air.  On a day out he is very keen to get out of his sling to start exploring (he isn’t really allowed to yet until he’s had his second vaccine jab), here on the beach just before the Ramsgate road tunnel, where…

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    Autumn at The Bay Tree

    As Summer becomes Autumn, there are still a lot of very pleasant activities that Broadstairs and its surrounding areas have to offer. Autumn is a stunning time of year…watching the leaves change colour and seeing beautiful colours everywhere is just one of the wonderful things about this special season. Taking a walk, enjoying some sea air and appreciating our scenery and coastline is something that is enjoyable all year round.  If you are looking for some walking routes to enjoy in the local area, here are our top picks (including Ben’s of course): Stone Bay; directly below The Bay Tree can look gorgeous at sunset This path (don’t go down…

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