Bay Tree Refurbishment Week 7

The Bay Tree is now closed for a major refurbishment, re-opening May 2017.

We are still reachable at 01843 862502 and

We’ve been taking out more chimneys and creating more space
This is the chimney between the kitchen and dining room


This is the same chimney, one floor up, between Rooms 10 and 11


This is another picture of the same chimney, looking from Room 11 into Room 10


This picture shows the same chimney from the 2nd floor, in Room 6 – sorry,┬áthis is a little out of focus!
Behind the doorway was the old bathroom. We’ve now gone right into the eaves and accessed the dormer window behind: we will expand this bathroom into this space, increase the dormer window and place a bath in this space, in addition to a shower (there used to only be a shower over the bath in Room 6)


As our chimneys are being taken out, we are rebuilding into flues where we need to
This is Room 5


This is the same chimney from the other side, Room 4, our sea-view balcony room, looking towards Room 5


This picture shows our sea-view, through the scaffolding onto Stone Bay


This picture shows our fantastic sea and cliff views from the hotel over to Stone Bay
This picture is taken from our triple-aspect sea-view ‘turret’ in Room 8: where the ladder is we will be adding another triple-aspect sea-view ‘turret’ into Room 9 (which we think already has the best sea and cliff views in the hotel!)


We are, of course, saving our chimney pots to use in our sea-view garden!


We have also been finishing clearing the area where the old owners accommodation used to be, ready for the new owners extension. This will be built on the same foot-print but will have an extended kitchen, an accessible room and public toilets on the ground floor plus new owners accommodation on the two floors above
Alistair, dressed in mandatory builders boots, high visibility vest and hard hat, is busy surveying the site


We have also been busy buying some more furniture for the hotel (this picture shows it being loaded onto a trailer)


We are constantly on the look out for unusual items, such as this Tiffany up-lighter pendant for one of our rooms


We are still looking carefully for the right fireplaces for our sea-view lounge and for our luxury library (to go where our former ground floor Room 1 was)




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