Tide Times

The Bay Tree Broadstairs enjoys a fabulous location atop the cliffs at Stone Bay, with fabulous walks around the cliff to Joss Bay, ¬†Botany Bay and beyond, and in the opposite direction, we are next to Viking Bay with Broadstairs many shops, restaurants and ice cream parlours plus stunning walks through Dumpton Gap to Ramsgate Harbour and it’s many boats

Off course, we are within walking distance of Joss Bay, well known for it’s excellent surf and with it’s own surf school.


However, being on the coast, it is often beneficial to know the tide times, especially walking from bay to bay where, with Stone Bay in particular, the tide can come in very quickly and there is a danger of being left stranded!

www.tidetimes.org.uk/broadstairs-tide-times links to a very useful website with details of tide times, sun and moon times (try looking at our Bay during a full moon Рwell worth a look!), plus details on Spring Tides and Neap Tides

We also hope to add a widget to our website soon with tide infomation

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