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Ben and Ptolemy are now getting on a lot better and we are now confident taking them both down to the beach. We love letting them off their leads and letting them play with their balls at the same time!

We are very fortunate to have a big sandy playground for them right below us! The Kent Coast being literally on our doorstep is such a treat for us and our guests too. 


Here, Ptolemy is trying to gain Ben’s affections by washing his ear’s for him. They are wearing their coats as we were about to go out for a walk in light rain and they are not keen on getting their fur wet!

Both dogs will settle and unwind  in our owners lounge – one of Ptolemy’s favourite toys is a cleaning brush!

Ptolemy is keen to share Ben’s basket – although Ben sometimes has other ideas! Again, they are about to get ready for a chilly evening walk!

One of our favourite walks is around Standard Quay Faversham. Here, Ptolemy was desperate to get out of his sling! Standard Quay also has some great shops selling up-cycled furniture – on this trip we also brought back a chair for our sea-view lounge!

St Peter’s graveyard and a walk through the adjacent fields and Mocketts Wood makes for another interesting walk. Ben can just about be seen in the far distance checking out some interesting smells.


If you would like to come to The Bay Tree and say hi to Ben and Ptolemy, we’d love to see you. We have a lovely restaurant and bar area for you to relax in, so we’ll hopefully see you soon. 

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