Ben – The Bay Tree Bedlington Terrier

This is Ben, our Bay Tree Bedlington Terrier…

Ben is a rescue dog who we got nearly 4 years ago from Canterbury Dogs Trust. All we know of his history is that he was found wandering the the streets of Fife. As this picture shows, he had far longer hair and was also quite underweight when we first arrived.

Bedlington Terriers are from the Northumberland mining town of Bedlington and were bred to hunt vermin. They do not shed hair and are hypoallergenic.

Bedlingtons are very good swimmers and Ben likes nothing more than chasing his ball on the beach and fetching it from the sea!

Ben loves making friends with other Bedlingtons and going on group walks (Ben isn’t in this photo)

Back at The Bay Tree, Ben is quite happy to relax in front of an open fire and make friends with our guests.

Ben gets on well with other dogs, who are allowed in our sea view lounge, hall, library bar and Room 1, Willow but not in our restaurant

Why not come and pay him a visit – we’d love to see you and so would Ben!



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