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Autumn at The Bay Tree

As Summer becomes Autumn, there are still a lot of very pleasant activities that Broadstairs and its surrounding areas have to offer.

Autumn is a stunning time of year…watching the leaves change colour and seeing beautiful colours everywhere is just one of the wonderful things about this special season. Taking a walk, enjoying some sea air and appreciating our scenery and coastline is something that is enjoyable all year round. 

If you are looking for some walking routes to enjoy in the local area, here are our top picks (including Ben’s of course):

Stone Bay; directly below The Bay Tree can look gorgeous at sunset

This path (don’t go down this as there’s a dangerous cliff edge) will lead you to the 39 steps (closed to the public) as featured in the Hitcock film and John Buchan novel

This is a very tempting path leading to Botany Bay

Botany Bay itself is stunning

Pegwell Nature Reserve, just the other side of Ramsgate is also great place to walk

Aside from sea-life and bird-life, there are plenty of additional animals to observe

Of course, after a day exploring you can always relax in our sea view lounge or our library bar with Ben!
We are also of course dog friendly in Room 1 – Willow on our ground floor. 


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