Bay Tree Broadstairs Refurbishment Week 56

The Bay Tree Broadstairs is currently closed for a major refurbishment and will re-open in December 2017.

We’ve delayed re-opening owing to slower than anticipated progress with our refurbishment.

We’re now managing the remainder of our build (primarily decoration, second-fixes and snagging plus landscaping) ourselves along with a new site manager instead of through our original building contractors.

We would like to thank all of our guests for their patience – we will be open as soon as we can and we’re sure it’ll be worth the wait!

We have just received our first batch of our new Bay Tree branded toiletries – body lotion, liquid soap and hair and body wash, which will go into all our rooms along with reed diffusers. All have a delightful green tea and lemongrass scent unique to The Bay Tree.

Bottles of our toiletries, along with reed diffusers and scented candles will be available for guests to purchase as souvenirs.

We have been adding accessories to our bathrooms, such as shelves, toilet roll holders, toilet brushes and hooks.

New carpets have now been added to all of our first floor bedrooms – these pictures were taken immediately after fitting, so they still show some loose fibres, before being vacuumed and having special floor protection added.

Downstairs, we have been busy painting our library – the white patches on the walls are where there are flaws that are still being touched up. On the right of the picture our oak bookcases can just be seen, ready to be fitted.

We have been giving our kitchen a deep clean and have begun moving some of our kitchen equipment in as well.

Outside, the new walls around are car park are nearly complete.

At the front of The Bay Tree we have been clearing and levelling our sea-view patio ready for our new patio to be laid, the slabs of which can be seen on our drive. We can’t wait to start serving prosecco and cream teas in the spring out here!

Stone Bay, directly opposite The Bay Tree is still looking amazing as we head into autumn!


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