Bay Tree Broadstairs Refurbishment Week 50

The Bay Tree Broadstairs is currently closed for a major refurbishment and will re-open in December 2017.

We’ve delayed re-opening owing to slower than anticipated progress with our refurbishment.

We’re now managing the remainder of our build (primarily decoration, second-fixes and snagging plus landscaping) ourselves along with a new site manager instead of through our original building contractors.

We would like to thank all of our guests for their patience – we will be open as soon as we can and we’re sure it’ll be worth the wait!

We are still reachable by phone 01843 862502 & email for enquiries and future bookings.

We’ve had our local fishermen catch some fresh local mackerel which we’ll perfect in one of our fresh fish dishes for our sea-view restaurant!

Talking of our restaurant, we’ve been busy installing new equipment in our kitchen, which we can’t wait to try out!

Our new kitchen is a third bigger than what we had prior to the refurbishment – and this time the majority of our equipment is new!

Our sea-view restaurant is currently being used as a workshop by our carpenters who are working hard on our woodwork.

Our carpenters are working on creating bespoke shelving storage for linen, towels and in-room amenities.

Whilst we work we are taking care to protect our new carpets.

Our decorators are working hard to ensure that our finished rooms will look amazing!

We’ve been busy painting all of the spindles – some of which we had especially made to match the originals, in areas where the old fire-boarding meant they had previously been removed) with several coats of paint – it’s a lot easier to paint these now before the new they are put back on our staircases and landings.

We’ve started to add some of our exterior lighting to our building.

Outside, work is continuing on levelling our car park and preparing the ground under our bay tree for a patio at the rear of The Bay Tree.

Likewise, work is progressing on our drive – including adding new drainage underneath, ready for adding tarmac.

Our bricks are ready to be laid on our drive and on our front sea-view patio, including some of the flint bricks (which we actually had to source from nearby Sussex!)

Stone Bay, directly opposite The Bay Tree, is looking beautiful in the evening sun.

Ben has been taking time out in our family wood in Hertfordshire to get extremely muddy! (When returned to broadstairs, after an initial couple of buckets of water being placed over him, he was ‘rinsed’ in the sea before being allowed anywhere near his hotel where he tested one of our new wet-room showers!)

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