Bay Tree Broadstairs Refurbishment Blog Week 40

The Bay Tree Broadstairs is currently closed for a major refurbishment and will re-open in August 2017.

We are still reachable by phone 01843 862502 & email enquiries and future bookings.

Stone Bay, directly below The Bay Tree, which is perched on the clifftop in the distance on this picture is looking great. It’s currently that time (twice yearly) when we get a lot of sea-weed on the beach

We’re very pleased with how our oriel windows, which allow glimpses of the sea, are looking. The window in the foreground is for the luxury bathroom for Room 5, English Oak, our balcony sea view room, hence why the windows are frosted

This is one of the oriel windows from the picture above, inside Room 4, Rowan, with the afternoon sun streaming in

This is a wider shot of the same window: note the fireplace (currently being protected)

Room 2, Hazel, on the opposite side of the building (adjacent to the stairs), also benefits from an oriel window allowing partial sea-views

In other areas, such as the owners office, the beautiful houndstooth check carpet, which we think looks both classic and smart, is being fitted. This will go in all guest bedrooms, our sea-view lounge and our library

The owners kitchen is almost ready for its doors and tiling

We’ve also started to hang doors: most are original doors, all will have been especially treated to comply with fire safety regulations

Downstairs, we are now installing the commerical Polysafe Ultima floor in our utility room and kitchen

The first coats of paint in our sea-view restaurant have now been applied: the wooden doors will be replaced with French windows on to our patio

This picture of the sea-facing front of our building shows our sea-view lounge on the left, with our balcony sea-view Room 5, English Oak, above plus our sea-view restaurant to the right

This is our first-floor landing, looking towards balcony sea view Room 5, English Oak. The floor boards have been taken up to increase the packing around the stairs and add beautiful Oak borders to all our staircases and landings

Downstairs our V and A Puddleglaze Peacock Blue wall tiles for our ground floor toilets, are  looking stunning

Outside, under our bay tree, we are working on restoring some beatiful large pieces of furniture, such as this wardrobe

We are using some antique frames for new pieces of art we are introducing to The Bay Tree

We’ve also been perfecting our brioche recipes (we’re only using a round tin whilst our oblong ones are in storage)

Ben is still finding time to chase balls, here in Victoria Gardens, on the opposite side of Viking Bay to us: The Bay Tree is located just behind Bleak House (it looks a bit like a fort) that can be seen on the far side of the bay in this video

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