Bay Tree Broadstairs Refurbishment Week 39

The Bay Tree Broadstairs is currently closed for a major refurbishment and will re-open in August 2017.

We are still reachable by phone 01843 862502 & email for enquiries and future bookings.

Ben is checking out a stunning chair at our Suzy Nina, our interior designer’s shop in Ramsgate, covered in a Liberty Fabric which he’s deciding whether we should have this in The Bay Tree!

Outside the hotel, we’re constantly looking at how we can use some of the tiles which we have been able to salvage during our refurbishment, in this case, to make the step from our new French windows in our sea-view restaurant down to our front patio

Now that some of the blue privacy screen has been removed from our top floor (the scaffolding on our top floor will be taken down next week), our new ‘picture’ window can be seen near the top of the side of our building: this is Room 10, Maple

This is the view from Room 10, Maple. We think the view explains why we wanted this to be a ‘picture’ window with no interruptions. The window size hasn’t changed during our refurbishment but we have replaced almost all windows (all with classic wood frames, many with traditional wood sashes, in keeping with the original style of the building)

Our owners accommodation is looking lovely and cool in white (the final colour in this room)

Ben is checking all the details of what will be his bedroom!
Behind Ben, the area where the last steps up to our top floor can be seen: we’ve been building these stairs again from scratch and adding newel posts, ballusters and detailed oak borders

Much of the wood for the stairs can be seen here in Room 9, Yew, with it’s triple-aspect sea-view ‘turret’ window at the end
We’ve also been adding in more details where we can, such as curtain rail fittings

In other rooms, such as Room 10, Maple, we’ve also been adding brackets for the internet-enabled Samsung Smart Televisions we have in all guest bedrooms: guests can either look out of the window at our stunning views or stream programmes from applications such as BBC iPlayer

Swing slightly to the left of the television bracket in Room 10, Maple and there’s our new triple-aspect sea-view turret (only two panes are visible in this picture) and our superb ‘picture’ window view to the left of Stone Bay and the cliffs (we couldn’t squeeze the cliffs in this picture: please see the picture further up this blog for our cliff views!)

This is the ensuite wet-room for Room 10, Maple, which is nearly finished

The sea views from our Balcony Room 5, English Oak, are amazing!

The stairs from the hall have now been stripped, ready for painting and they are now ready for their final edging

This is the chandelier that will go into our hall

We are still sourcing wonderful items for the finishing touches to our rooms, such as this Victorian mahogany dressing table mirror

We also liked this unusual revolving book stand which we’ll put into our library

This is beautiful Stone Bay, directly across the road from The Bay Tree


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