Bay Tree Broadstairs Refurbishment Week 37

The Bay Tree Broadstairs is currently closed for a major refurbishment and will re-open in August 2017.

We are still reachable by phone 01843 862502 & email for enquiries and future bookings.

The chimney for our sea-view lounge fireplace is now ready for our marble fireplace

Our work on preparing our kitchen floor for it’s commercial Polysafe Ultima surface, is progressing

These straps are being used to slot together the different elements of our staircase. Note the oak, such as under the drill, which we will use  as borders on our stairs and landings

Alistair, one of The Bay Tree’s owners, is trying to create one of the pieces of wood on our staircase and landing rails that will hold the spindles, which we have duplicated from the originals so it will all match

Most of our electrics, such as in the owners office, are now fitted

Almost all our windows and their glazing is now in place: here we moved this window from where the bathroom has now been placed to the right and have changed it to a oriel window – this picture doesn’t demonstrate it but the oriel window will allow for sea views

Broadstairs on 18 June 2017

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