Bay Tree Broadstairs Refurbishment Week 36

The Bay Tree Broadstairs is currently closed for a major refurbishment and will re-open in August 2017.

We regret having to announce to our guests, friends and colleagues that we have had to delay our opening until August.

We are still reachable by phone 01843 862502 & email for enquiries and future bookings.

This picture shows how the carpet on our stairs will look – especially as we are putting oak borders on our stairs and landings, whilst we are fitting new newel posts and ballusters (most of these were lost with the old fire boarding panels which we’ve now been able to remove). We’re effectively building a lot of our stairs by hand – it’s very complex and time-consuming but, aside from being necessary, will also look fantastic once complete

Whilst we’re discussing carpets, this is an example of the Houndstooth carpet we’re using in all our bedrooms (except our ground floor accessible room, Willow, where we’re using Karndean  flooring), sea-view lounge and library. We were testing it against our retro radiators but, for practical reasons, have decided not to use the radiator feet.

We love the blue used in our accessible room (we’ve asked our interior designer, Suzy Nina, from Ramsgate, for colour names, and we will share these)

This is the green Suzy chose for us for the owners lounge, on the first floor of our new extension, looking out to our bay tree

This is Room 7, Walnut, which has a small oriel window, allowing a glimpse of the sea, just behind the ladder

Ever wondered what’s under the stairs and floors? All sorts of cables  (electrical, data, fire etc.) not to mention a labyrinth of pipes plus detailed supports for new oak beamed flooring! Room 8, Alder is to the right, the sun is streaming over the sea into Room 9, Yew, and Room 10, Maple, can just be glimpsed on the left

The plastering and boarding for the owners accommodation on the top floor of our extension is almost ready for decorating

The workings for the flue for the fireplace in our seaview lounge have now been installed

This is the marble fireplace that we will put in our sea-view lounge

We now have the glazing done in our sea-view lounge windows – they look great, especially with our sea-view!

This is how we install concrete to level our kitchen floor, before placing a specialist commerical flooring on top

We’ve been choosing the tiles we will use in our two public toilets – we’ll use V & A Puddle Glaze tiles which we think look fantastic and fit with the age of our building
Which colour should we use?


  • Rachel

    The names of the bedrooms work really well. Very elegant and they trip off the tongue easily. The tiles for the downstairs loos look gorgeous. I’d go for the blue, personally, although both shades of green are nice too.

  • Margaret Kirby

    It wd b ironic if you had to cancel us! We have Karen in our bathroom & they are great. We had a black & camel hounds tooth carpet in our house in Huddersfield. Hope to stay with you in September.

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