Bay Tree Broadstairs Refurbishment Week 26

The Bay Tree Broadstairs is currently closed for a major refurbishment and will re-open in June 2017.

We are still reachable on 01843 862502 and at

2 Apr

Alistair, one of The Bay Tree’s owners is enjoying the spring sunshine outside The Bay Tree with Ben, our Bedlington Terrier


We’ve zoomed in a little on the above shot, purely so you can view Stone Bay, of course!


To the right of the hotel, you can see where we’ve been digging trenches down to the road so that we can get enhanced electricty, gas and water supplies into us


The views from our sea-view patio are still amazing, even during our refurbishment



The above two pictures show the beam between the front and rear parts of our sea-view restaurant before it was raised


This is the same bar after it has been raised (so it is flush with the rest of the roof in the rear part of the restarant) – allowing our diners in the rear of the restaurant uninterrupted sea views


This is also looking from the front to the rear of the restaurant, now our builders have done some boxing-in (after adding in insulation for both sound to the rooms above and to minimise heat loss)


This is looking from the rear of the restaurant to the front. The windows in the centre will be replaced with French doors leading to our sea-view patio


We’ve been taking delivery of quite a few more of our window frames


Our ‘Juliet’ balcony window frames, which will allow sea views, are now in place


Meanwhile, we are very pleased with how some of our door frames have turned out (this one is the entrance to Room 6 on our first floor)


We are also impressed with how spacious our new Room 1, Willow, is turning out. This room will also be accessible and dog friendly and will have it’s own private terrace at the rear of the hotel


Work is progressing getting our new luxury library and bar ready (in our old Room 1, to the left of our main entrance as you enter The Bay Tree)


The view from our sea-view lounge is stunning – and will be even better once our new windows are in place


These are the fabrics we will use in our luxury library. The top fabric, for the blinds, is Schumacher. The blue fabric will be used on our chairs


Ben, just emerged from beautiful Pegwell Bay, below, thinks it is now warm enough for full swims in the sea

The picture below is of Pegwell Bay, where the hovercrafts used to depart from across the English Channel


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