Bay Tree Broadstairs Refurbishment Week 25

The Bay Tree Broadstairs is currently closed for a major refurbishment and will re-open in June 2017.

We are still reachable on 01843 862502 and at

25 Mar

This picture shows more of our windows going in: our two triple-aspect sea view ‘turrets’ are visible from the roof. To the left of the left-hand ‘turret’ the frame for our ‘Juliet’ balcony windows, which we will have in two of our top floor rooms, is also visible.


This shows one of the ‘Juliet’ balcony windows from inside Room 9, ‘Yew’.

20170322_103554 (1)

This picture shows the glimpses of the sea that our ‘Juliet’ balcony windows will offer.


This is the top floor of the owners accommodation in the rear of the hotel. In the centre are Velux Cabrio windows to look out over our bay tree. In the roof in the foreground, our roof-lights can also be seen.


This is the top floor of the owners accommodation looking from the window towards the hotel and the sea. Our original roof is visible. There will be a bathroom where the pipes are.

All of our owners accommodation on the first and second floors of our extension have been designed so that, should we move out (e.g. to our neighbours next door or behind us) they can easily be converted into additional guest accommodation.

844 Birds eye view 01

This is how the rear of The Bay Tree will look when our refurbishment is complete. The Velux Cabrio windows in the owners accommodation plus our roof light are visible.
Below are the two rear balconies for the owners accommodation (these will contain our private lounge and office).
Our ground floor bedroom, Room 1, ‘Willow’, with it’s private terrace can also be seen. This room will be accessible and, as it is separate from our other guest bedrooms, will also be dog-friendly.
The white area to the right of the chimney shows where our ‘Juliet’ balcony windows will be.


This picture shows how our rear extension is coming along. Our bay tree, supposedly the oldest and largest in Kent, can be seen on our right. The sea is just visible to the left of the hotel.


We are very pleased that our rear passage, from the hall to a new rear entrance, is looking nice and wide. Our ground floor room, Room 1, ‘Willow’, is to the left of this picture.
We will replicate our original hall tiles in this area to give a feeling of continuity.

Hall 1

This picture, taken before our refurbishment, shows our beautiful floor tiles in our hall. Our sea-view restaurant and our sea-view lounge can also be seen, with the sunlight streaming in from over the sea!


The sun is streaming into our sea-view restaurant! The double window will be replaced with ‘French’ patio doors onto our sea-view terrace.
At the top of the picture, the steel that divides the rear of the restaurant, from the front, can be seen, partially propped up by the pillar in the centre of the picture, ready to be removed.


This picture shows the same steel, looking from the front of our restaurant, ready to be removed.


Above our restaurant, in Room 6, ‘Chestnut’, our original windows are now being replaced with wooden windows. They’ll still offer our spectacular sea-views but will be far more sympathetic to the age of our Victorian building, originally built in 1895.


We are still actively sourcing unique items for The Bay Tree, such as this wonderful picture frame, in Margate.


We may even be brave enough to introduce a little Steampunk into the hotel: note the sewing machine in the centre of the picture or the standard lamp to the right. Robert, one of The Bay Tree owners, can just be seen to the right of the standard lamp, taking this picture!


Ben is enjoying the spring sunshine on beautiful Viking Bay, just a few minutes walk from The Bay Tree. We love living in Broadstairs!


The boats are being got ready to go out on the edge of Stone Bay, close to The Bay Tree.
Ben can be seen in the distance heading towards Stone Bay beach!


We’ve still found time to enjoy some of the delights of Kent, such as beautiful St Margarets Bay, just a short drive from Broadstairs.
Ben is enjoying playing tug with Alistair, the other Bay Tree owner, with some rope we found on the beach


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