Bay Tree Broadstairs Refurbishment Week 22

The Bay Tree Broadstairs is currently closed for a major refurbishment and will re-open in June 2017

We are still reachable on 01843 862502 and

3 Mar

Our windows in our roof are now beginning to take shape – the right triple-aspect sea view window is for Room 10, which also benefits from another window to the side looking at both the sea and cliff views – probably our best view in the whole hotel! The left triple-aspect sea view window is also due to be replaced.



All of our new windows will be wood framed – we are using Acacia wood from New Zealand, known for it’s strength and durability


We are busy insulating as much as we can



This is the sea and cliff view – probably the best view in the hotel – from the side window in Room 10 (the glass shown will get changed into a large picture window, without the central column!)


This is the new triple-aspect sea view turret in Room 10


We’ve just aquired these beautiful art deco arm chairs for our library – we will, as usual, be re-upholstering to make them look really stunning!

art noveau fireplace

This is the Art Noveau fireplace for the library where the armchairs will go


This is the desk (which after a little TLC) will also be going into the library


The view and the light from our sea-view lounge streaming in is still amazing, even whilst we are still in the middle of refurbishments


We’ve also been finding time for some dog walks in nearby Tankerton, with Alistair and Ben enjoying walking along the beach




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