Bay Tree Broadstairs Refurbishment Week 21

The Bay Tree Broadstairs is currently closed for a major refurbishment and will re-open in June 2017

We are still reachable on 01843 862502 and

front 24 Feb

The top right of The Bay Tree shows our new triple aspect sea view window being installed in the roof of Room 10



This is the stunning sea view our guests will get from this new window

20170224_104254 (1)

This is some of the insulation we are installing to ensure our guests are kept nice and warm



At the rear of the hotel, our new extension is coming along nicely. On the right you can see our lovely bay tree, supposedly the oldest and largest in Kent


The first and second floors (the second floor is about to be added) will contain the owners accommodation and will have their own balcony at the rear, but are designed so that they can easily be converted into more guest bedrooms later, should we want to do this


This is the view from inside the owners accommodation, which will comprise of a lounge, owners kitchen and two offices on the first floor, plus owners bedroom and ensuite wet room on the second floor


This is taken from the roof of the first floor of the owners accommodation. Viking Bay can be glimpsed in the distance

20170224_104809 (1)

Here, we are looking from Room 4 into the bathroom of Room 5, our balcony sea view room, before the wall is filled in


Ben is keeping a close eye on the progress of the refurbishment of his hotel (he’s just been for a refreshing dip in the sea so is looking a little wet here!)


Here, we are looking at our efforts to preserve our door frames


Ben (in the distance here) has also been enjoying the winter sun on Deal Pier, just a short drive from The Bay Tree



We bought this beautiful Art Deco clock complete with Westminster Chimes for the mantelpiece in our sea view lounge this morning at the Whitstable Castle Antiques Fair


This will be the mantelpiece in our sea view lounge



These last two pictures show Stone Bay, directly across from The Bay Tree, looking stunning in the sunshine, especially with the winter waves crashing. Ben, as you can see, loves coming down here to relax!



  • Joandixon

    Beginning to look really good now. It will be lovely to have so much more space. I hope the herb garden will be OK. Ben can tell us all about it when he stays with us.

    Best wishes


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