Bay Tree Broadstairs Refurbishment Week 17

The Bay Tree Broadstairs is currently closed for a major refurbishment and will re-open in May 2017

We are still reachable on 01843 862502 and

skip 27Jan

We’re still busy clearing out rubbish into skips on our sea-view patio. You can just glimpse our sea and cliff views on the horizon in this picture.


Inside The Bay Tree, in our lounge, by the ceiling, you can see where a chimney flue has been taken out


Our newly-aquired marble fireplace will go  the opposite wall in our lounge, where we will create a new chimney

20161218_122836 (1)

This is the fireplace that will go in our lounge


This is one of the chandeliers that we are considering using in our lounge


This is another chandelier we are considering
Which do you prefer?



This is Stone Bay, directly outside The Bay Tree, just to remind you of our location and views!


This picture is taken coming down our stairs showing the hall, porch (which will get large, new glass by our main entrance) and the lounge


Moving up to our top floor, at the bottom of the picture you can see into our balcony sea-view room, whilst at the top you can see the sunhine from the sea streaming into our triple-aspect sea-view turret in one of our top floor rooms


Turning around from the last picture, you can see our new extension at the rear is coming along nicely and you can see our lovely bay tree, supposedly the oldest and largest in Kent. We will be adding another floor to the extension you can see here.

20170127_081415_optimized (1)

This is how the rear of The Bay Tree is currently looking

844 Birds eye view 01

This is what our the rear of The Bay Tree will look like once our refurbishment is complete


This is another view of our rear extension, looking down our drive with the sea visible in the distance


In this picture we are looking from under our stairs out to our hall and our sea-view lounge



The two pictures above show our newly-enlarged kitchen




Our builders are busy laying our new pipes around The Bay Tree. The bottom picture shows our balcony sea-view room

DSC_0447 no lamp post

This is our spectacular view of Stone Bay and the chalk cliffs from our balcony


  • Margaret kirby

    I prefer the first chandelier to the 2nd. However the 2nd might look best in the appropriate. As I don’t yet know the rooms in question I cannot give a truly informed decision. If it was me choosing I would choose the one that was easiest to clean. A build up of dust and fly droppings et would block the light coming through the glass.

  • Anita

    so pleased to see you are re-opening as a hotel and not going to end up as another load of flats. A good quality hotel is so desperately needed in that part of Broadstairs.
    Wishing you every success when you re-open.

  • Rachel Birchall

    I prefer the style of the first chandelier but without colours in the glass.
    Question – Are the internal windows and door of the entrance porch being removed / replaced? They have a 60’s/70’s feel to them.
    Great pictures of the hotel’s progress, looking good!

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