Bay Tree Broadstairs Refurbishment Week 16

The Bay Tree Broadstairs is currently closed for a major refurbishment and will re-open in May 2017

We are still reachable on 01843 862502 and

balcony scaffolding


The cold, but sunny weather this week has been helping us work


Ben’s still found time to explore Stone Bay – this picture is taken from the opposite side of Stone Bay to us when the tilde was out – you may just be able to glimpse The Bay Tree in the distance

20170121_131406 (1)


We’re called The Bay Tree after our large bay tree in our rear garden – supposedly one of the oldest and largest bay trees in Kent. After we’ve refurbished we will landscape the area around the tree and separate the garden a bit more from our car park with some well-chosen plants and shrubs

20170121_131417 (1)

Viewing our hotel from our car park, you can see that the first floor of our extension is coming along nicely. We are taking a lot of care to make sure the new extension blends in well with the original building



Inside, in several areas we are completely replacing our floors (you can glimpse the room below in this picture) so they are as flat and creak-free as possible


We are also replacing some of our ceilings at the same time


On the ground floor, this picture is taken from the hall looking through our new rear passage. The wood at the end is currently blocking the light from our new rear entrance (we’ll still also have the original entrance at the side of the hotel). To the left are the doorways into our ground floor toilets and the new, accessible, Room 1. The doorway where the scaffolding is on the right will contain our utility area. The area to the right with the wood against the wall will be part of the kitchen. We haven’t yet built the wall between the kitchen and the passage – guests won’t be coming out of the toilets into the kitchen! The back passage will have a very similar tiled floor to match that in the hall at the front of the hotel.


You can our original tiles looking from the hall out through our main entrance here. We’ll keep the porch (it helps keep out the wind and sand) but will use plate glass in the main entrance.


From our hall you can see the sun streaming in from our sea-view restaurant and our sea-view lounge. The restaurant will benefit from new French windows looking directly out on to our sea-view terrace.

These are the kind of views from the beach we enjoy every day!


20170121_144641 (1)

This is our old ground floor guest room, which will become a luxury library, complete with open fire and bar plus a discreet desk for checking guests in and out and completing restaurant and bar purchases

20170121_123102_001 (1)

We’ve been busy checking our bespoke wooden shelving which we brought down from our West Kensington mansion flat: we have an extremely skilled carpenter and joiner who originally installed these in London and who will transform our library area


The library will have an cosy, open fireplace, with a ‘living flame’ gas fire, possibly like this

20161218_122836 (1)

We are also going to put an open fire in our sea-view , again with a ‘living flame’ gas fire


We’ll also be adding another fireplace to this guest room (old Room 2). This room will loose the window on the right of the picture but benefit from two oriel windows, one on each side of the fireplace, which will allow for glimpses of the sea



These pictures of the harbour in Viking Bay and of Stone Bay, with The Bay Tree just on the clifftop to the left. show just how lucky we are to be living in such a spectacular location!


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