Bay Tree Broadstairs Refurbishment Week 15

The Bay Tree Broadstairs is currently closed for a major refurbishment and will re-open in May 2017

We are still reachable on 01843 862502 and

Ben builder

Ben, in his high visibility jacket, has been busy this week on site reviewing our refurbishment progress


The first floor of our new extension at the rear is coming along nicely. Through the door, you can just glimpse our balcony sea-view room at the front of The Bay Tree


844 Birds eye view 01

This is what The Bay Tree will look like from the rear when we’ve finished our refurbishment


Much of the work at the moment is laying the infrastructure, including new pipes for bathrooms and heating and laying out the electrics, including Cat 6 data cables for high-speed wi-fi and Samsung Smart TVs in all room


This is Room 6, on our top floor, with the chimney now gone, and the walls of a new bathroom in place. The dormer window that can be seen boarded up, just below the roof eaves, will double in height and a bathtub will be placed in the new window



We’ve found more retro-wallpaper!


We’ve also found a choir book under our kitchen floor! The preface is dated May 1894. The Bay Tree was built in 1895 so we presume this was left by the original builders!


We’ve also uncovered another set of fire place tiles – we are hoping to install an age-appropriate fireplace in this room: this will mean 2 of our guest rooms will have traditional fireplaces


This week’s cold and stormy weather hasn’t held us up. Here, the tide has come in far more than normal: we’re safely above the sea on the cliffs!


This picture shows how much water was left after the tide went back out


The cold weather hasn’t stopped Ben from wrapping up warm and working next to a heater!


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