Bay Tree Broadstairs Refurbishment Weeks 12 & 13

Seasons Greetings from The Bay Tree

We would like to wish all of our guests, colleagues and neighbours our very best wishes for a Happy New Year – we look forward to welcoming you when we re-open after our refurbishment in May 2017!

We are still reachable at 01843 862502 and


This picture, taken this Christmas, of The Bay Tree owners Alistair & Robert, with Ben, our Bedlington Terrier, was taken at Torrieston Woods, near Elgin
As we are closed for refurbishment we celebrated Christmas in the Scottish Highlands this year!

20161225_163451 (1)

One of our Christmas presents was a flag of Kent, which of course, we will fly in front of The Bay Tree when we reopen in May 2017!


This is looking into the hotel from the rear, towards the kitchen
At the top of the picture you can see the steel girders where we have taken out walls – we’ll be going up 2 more floors in this area so you can see how strong they need to be


Our steel girders are clearly visible here as we look out of the rear of the hotel
The area where the soil is immediately to the right of the drive will contain a private terrace for our new ground floor accessible and pet friendly room. The remaining area , including under our Bay Tree (supposedly the largest and oldest in Kent) will be landscaped and the shed will be taken down



Our carpenter is busy constructing the shell of Room 7’s bathroom
An original fireplace, which we will  of course be keeping, is shown in the middle of the picture
To the left of the picture, not quite visible, is the window which will become almost full-length with a ‘Juliet’ balcony from which to glimpse the sea!


Our brick walls, using English Rendering, are coming along nicely

21 Dec

On our way back to Kent on Monday we’ll be checking out this hand-blown Art Deco chandelier to use in our hall or restaurant – let us know what you think!


We’ll update the blog again in a week with all the latest news of the refurbishment, including the progress we have made over the holidays!

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