Bay Tree Refurbishment Week 11

The Bay Tree is now closed for a major refurbishment, re-opening May 2017.

We are still reachable at 01843 862502 and

Christmas 2016

Christmas is nearly upon us as you can see from next-door’s decorations but our refurbishment work will continue throughout the holidays


You can see here steel work, to the left of the door on the first floor landing that used to lead to our fire-escape, above the kitchen and below Room 10. This is so that the old external wall to the kitchen can be taken out as the kitchen will be extended


This picture shows more of the ground floor of the new extension, with the new utility room on the left, closest the camera, with the extended kitchen behind. Where our builders are standing will be a through corridor from the front of the hotel to the rear – we will replicate our original tiled floor in our hall throughout this passage. On the right is our new wheelchair-accessible and dog-friendly room with it’s bathroom closest to the existing building


Here you see the edge of our new accessible and dog friendly room with it’s brickwork being wrapped to protect it during winter. Our fantastic sea views can just be glimpsed beyond the drive


Here we see our accessible and dog friendly room looking up the drive away from the sea. We have been careful to ensure our new extension bricks are a close match to the original and we have also ensured we use the same English Bond brickwork that matches what is in our original building


Further still down our drive, you can see some of our metal girders that are going in to support our building when we demolish walls


Inside the hotel we have found more original wallpaper


This is the frame for one of our wetrooms, this time in Room 5, above our restaurant and dining room


These are the frames for both Room 9, and beyond, Room 8 wetrooms. The toilet flushes and pipes are visible
Beyond are the side windows out to the drive for Room 8 on the left and Room 7 on the right: both will become almost full-length with ‘Juliet’ balconies (i.e. balcony railing immediately outside the window) so our guests can get sea views


This photo shows the toilet frame in Room 3 – our single room above our main entrance – which will become a luxury bathroom and wetroom for our balcony room, the doorway of which will be in the far wall beyond


We’ve been looking carefully at lots of fireplace options – we’ll have open fires in both our sea-view lounge and in our luxury library. We are being very careful to ensure that what we choose is appropriate to the age of The Bay Tree, built in 1895


We’ve also been careful to take time out to relax in wonderful Whitstable, just up the coast from Thanet

Robert, Alistair & Ben would also like to take this opportunity to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, when we hope to welcome you to our newly refurbished Bay Tree

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  • Joandixon

    It’s really beginning to take shape now. I wonder how many other guests comment on the progress. I look forward to it every week. Keep up the blogs

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