Bay Tree Refurbishment Week 9

The Bay Tree is now closed for a major refurbishment, re-opening May 2017.

We are still reachable at 01843 862502 and

We uncovered some original floor tiles which we weren’t expecting, in the old owners accommodation area. We have done our best to salvage what we can to re-use elsewhere in The Bay Tree


The tiles were where our builder is kneeling and clearing away the debris on top


Inside, you can now see what we think was the original green on the walls of our building


You can see where we had boarding (for fire prevention) on our bannisters and you can now get a sense of the space we’re gaining taking the boarding out (we can use modern sprinkler fire-management systems instead.


We’ve also been talking with a specialist woodturner who can copy our original spindles so everything matches – their workshop was fascinating and showed true traditional craftmanship


This picture shows the view across from Room 9 and it’s bathroom through to Room 8’s bathroom and room, beyond. All our bathrooms will be completely rebuilt and this is an instance where some clever re-positioning of stud walls, both within guest rooms and on the landing, will give us a little bit of extra space for our bathrooms. The picture also shows a little of where we will be rebuilding some of our floors so they are more comfortable and will benefit from extra insulation and sound-proofing.


We also found a little more retro-wallpaper. Perhaps it was to match the green walls (see 3rd and 4th pictures above with our green walls!)


We’ve been looking at brick samples, doing our best to match our new bricks (for the new extension at our rear) with our existing ones. It was a very close call but we have gone with the bricks on the left, called Red Waterstruck – we will be replicating the English Bond style of bricklaying to match the existing brickwork as closely as possible


In between monitoring our build, checking plans, plotting progress and all the details, we are getting a few breaks, including networking with other local suppliers and tourism providers to monitor how well Kent and Thanet are doing and learn about short-video presentation and, below that, on a stunning Sunday walk from nearby Minnis Bay to Reculver Towers (which you can just make out in the distance)



Not our best ever video, but Ben’s enjoying himself on Minnis Bay anyway!



  • Sheila Hobson

    Oh what a lot of work ! We didn’t visit Broadstairs in September ,went to Hythe instead. Had hoped you would be up and running by Easter next year,but alas looks unlikely . Good luck anyway

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