Bay Tree Broadstairs Refurbishment Week 8

The Bay Tree is now closed for a major refurbishment, re-opening May 2017.

We are still reachable at 01843 862502 and

The scaffolding now covers the whole of our building


The view, from The Bay Tree remains as spectacular as ever, even in late November!


This is the view from Room 9 of our chalk cliffs and the sea. To the right of the window, Room 9 will also benefit from a triple-aspect ‘turret’ window (similar to the one already in Room 8) looking directly at the beach in front of The Bay Tree


At the rear of the hotel, we have now started to build our new extension (to include a guest bedroom with full disabled access and it’s own private terrace, public toilets and extended kitchen and utility room on the ground floor plus two more floors of rooms – initially for owners accommodation but designed so, if we choose, we can later convert into additional guest bedrooms. In the foreground you can see our large bay tree – the area around this will be landscaped



This is what we will look like at the back when we are finished
The top floor of the rear extension will have Velux ‘Cabriolet’ windows
The area on the top floor above our entrance from the drive, currently indicated with a block of white, will have ‘Juliet’ style balcony windows for both Rooms 7 and 8

844 Birds eye view 01VWe have also been busy filling gaps where we have taken chimneys out, here in Room 4 (our sea-view balcony room) and in Room 11, below, amongst others



We have also been saving our doors – most had to have an asbestos coating removed but we were able to save them. They will be specially treated, including with new fire-retardant paint. We will, of course be careful to ensure they keep their heritage colours, respecting the age of The Bay Tree (built in 1895)


This is the old ground floor Room 1 (on the left as you come through our entrance). It will be converted into a luxury library with our bar area and an open fire


We are still carefully designing our fireplaces for the library and for the lounge. We hope to use a piece like this in our library


Ben, our Bedlington Poodle, is also keeping a close eye on what the architects are doing!


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