Bay Tree Refurbishment Week 4

The Bay Tree is now closed for a major refurbishment, re-opening May 2017

We are still reachable at 01843 862502 and

A major part of our refurbishment involves taking down and getting into chimneys to create more space for our new bathrooms and wetrooms

This is Room 6: the original bathroom was through the doorway on the right and didn’t go behind the chimney.

By going right into the eaves we can access a previously hidden dormer window behind the chimney and we can triple the size of the bathroom – including adding a new bath in the dormer window, a wet-room shower and bring in the sink (which used to be outside of the doorway in the bedroom)


This is the same room from the behind the chimney, with the dormer window (which looks to our rear garden and large bay tree)


This picture shows the same space, but viewed from the store cupboard on the 2nd floor (we’ve just taken out the hot water tank that was between the cupboard and this newly-opened space0


This is Room 5 – our first floor superking/ twin with amazing sea views: the bathroom was in the corner, and will double in size once we’re done with this chimney!

20161026_135750 (1)

This is our balcony room – the bathroom was to the right of the window
This room will be getting a new bathroom where our single Room 3 used to be, complete with freestanding bath and wet-room area


On our ground floor, you can now see past where the entrance to the owners area was (we’ve just demolished it and are getting ready to put a new room with full disabled access and it’s own private terrace in it’s place, plus building two more floors above) but it will give a taster of how our new rear passage will look once we add in a rear entrance and you’ll be able to see from the our hallway to the rear.


One of our builders is standing where the owners accommodation used to be

20161026_135329 (1)

This picture shows the view from our large bay tree. On the top left you can see the hidden dormer we referred to earlier for Room 6 and of course, from the shed, you can just glimpse the sea – we’re making the most of sea views in most rooms, often with angled oriel windows that will allow for more sea views but more on that to follow…


Lastly, it’s not quite all work for us – here Ben’s enjoying the stunning walks on the Dover White Cliffs, directly above the ferry port, on a beautiful evening, where France was clearly visible (this is just a 45 minute drive from us, and is now National Trust property)


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