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Grange & St Edward’s Presbytery

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The Grange was built by Augustus Pugin in 1845 and remained in the family until 1928. The building reflects Pugin’s belief in the Gothic style as the only true Christian architecture and his ideal to live out his life in the Middle Ages. Pugin produced some of his finest work at The Grange including designs for the House of Lords.

St Edward’s Presbytery situated next door will also be open to public for the first time this weekend.

A. W. N Pugin, master of the Gothic Revival, came to Ramsgate in 1843. He sought to create his ideal of medieval life: a Catholic church and Benedictine monastery, with a family home in their benevolent shadow. That home is The Grange, the idiosyncratic and colourful world of a most brilliant designer.

The Presbytery was started in 1850. This attractive, compact house at the gates of The Grange was intended as a home for the priest who served the church next door. In the 1860s, Pugin’s son Edward took residence and added a well-lit studio for his own architectural practice.

Entry is free and information for all ages is available.

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