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No trip to the seaside is complete without a trip to the ice cream parlour and Margate, Broadstairs and Ramsgate offer you just that. Experience traditional 1950s Italian ice cream parlours serving homemade gelato to contemporary seafront businesses

With so many flavours on offer you’ll be spoilt for choice

Melt at Sands Hotel
Part of Margate’s 4* Sands Hotel, offering a range of Gelato flavours made with traditional values, natural ingredients, real fruit and fresh Guernsey milk.


The first of the Morelli’s UK stores opened in 1932 by Mario Morelli. Where else can you experience retro interior with pink Lloyd loom chairs, a soda fountain and a juke box whilst enjoying homemade ice cream made to a trademark recipe. Not only available in Broadstairs but now Covent Garden, Monaco, Dubai and Kuala Lumpur

Having learnt from Morelli’s, Chiappini’s opened in the 1950’s. Once you have chosen from the huge selection of flavours sit on the promenade overlooking Viking Bay, Broadstairs

Previously known as Pelosi’s Ice Cream Parlour, located on Ramsgate seafront, here you can sample old flavour favourites Turkish Delight, Ferrero Rocher, watermelon and blood orange sorbets alongside now churros (Spanish doughnuts) and chocolate dip

The Parlour
1940’s ice cream parlour, café and Smiths restaurant with a vintage style in the centre of Birchington

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