Turner Contemporary Announces 2016 Programme

JMW Turner - Vermilion Towers

After a phenomenally successful programme in 2015, Turner Contemporary announces its ambitious fifth anniversary programme, which will include exhibitions by Joachim Koester, JMW Turner and Rose Wylie, as well as a large group show including work by Barbara Hepworth, Anish Kapoor and Paul Nash.

Joachim Koester: The Other Side of the Sky
4 February – 8 May 2016
Turner Contemporary presents the first UK solo exhibition of work by Danish artist Joachim Koester, whose atmospheric films, installations and photography track the boundaries of the unknown, where fact and fiction crossover. Koester’s subtle yet sensuous works explore the medium of film.

Presenting a comprehensive series of works by Koester across the first floor gallery spaces, this will be Turner Contemporary’s largest film exhibition to date. Two new 16mm films will be showcased alongside works produced by the artist in the past 10 years, many of which will be shown in the UK for the first time.

Central to the exhibition is a new film inspired by Koester’s research into JMW Turner, The Other Side of the Sky (2015). This film explores Turner’s depiction and experience of storms via the analogy of psychedelic trips. Relating to surrealism and the 20th century mescaline experiments by Henri Michaux, it continues Koester’s interest in both physical journeys and psychological exploration. The Other Side of the Sky will be shown within a specially-built structure reminiscent of an abandoned shack, offering glimpses to a group of late watercolours by JMW Turner, which will be hung alongside it.

Joachim Koester is organised in collaboration with Fórum Eugénio de Almeida, Portugal and curated by Filipa Oliveira and Turner Contemporary.

Leise Wilson: 365 Days
4 February – 10 March 2016
Leise Wilson’s watercolours demonstrate her fascination with the outdoors, open spaces and blue skies. Many of her works are inspired by her family visits to the Kent coast and the unique light and colours of this landscape. In 365 Days, Leise Wilson recorded the view of the sky through the same window pane every day for a whole year, capturing the natural rhythms of light across the seasons. Wilson’s watercolours are often large but these small images, delicately painted onto squares of tissue paper, flutter in invisible air currents created by the viewer suggesting the movement of clouds in the sky. This work will be shown in Turner Contemporary’s Clore Learning Studio.

Seeing Round Corners 
21 May – 25 September 2016
In summer 2016, Turner Contemporary presents the first UK exhibition to explore how artists have responded to the phenomenon of the circle, the disc or the sphere. This exhibition explores the ways in which artists have used this universal and recurring form, and the very idea of ‘roundness’. Seeing Round Corners showcases more than 50 works, presenting a variety of processes and media including painting, sculpture, film and photography, alongside design objects and historical artefacts.

Whether in the form of a disc, a sphere, a void or an arc, the circle is central to our experience of the natural world and to artists’ depictions of nature. The exhibition includes works by JMW Turner, whose swirling, circular vortex of paint evoked the power of natural forces in his late seascapes and history paintings. The majority of works in the exhibition are from the 20th century onwards, exploring the circle through the prism of modern and contemporary artistic practice, with works by Barry Flanagan, Anish Kapoor, Barbara Hepworth, Paul Nash, David Batchelor, Richard Long and Ben Nicholson, amongst others.

Drawing on a wealth of concepts and subjects from the atomic and the cosmic, geometry and optics, to time, rotation and visual perception, Seeing Round Corners will also include a selection of objects and images from world cultures, religions and history such as scientific instruments, technological images and works from spiritual and mystical traditions.

Seeing Round Corners is curated by artists David Ward and Jonathan Parsons with Turner Contemporary.

Turner and Colour
8 October 2016 – 8 January 2017
Following the success of Turner and the Elements in 2012, Turner Contemporary presents a major exhibition of work by JMW Turner and the fullest survey of the artist’s watercolours of Margate yet to be shown at the gallery.

Turner and Colour is the first exhibition to examine this fundamental theme in relation to Turner, exploring the familiar outline of his life and art in a new way. Colour is the essence of JMW Turner’s work, and his distinctive, sometimes eccentric use of vibrant colour was central to his success as an artist. Featuring more than 70 works in both oil and watercolour, the exhibition highlights Turner’s engagement with developments in colour theory and his adoption and exploitation of new materials. Beginning with the more traditional ‘Old Master’ aesthetic that Turner quickly matched and then superseded, the exhibition charts the impact made by the artist’s experimental techniques.

Turner and Colour is curated by art historian Ian Warrell and will be exhibited at the Hôtel de Caumont, Aix-en-Province from 3 May – 19 September 2016.

Rose Wylie
Januay – April 2016
To open 2016 in our ground floor Sunley Gallery space, Turner Contemporary is showing a group of paintings and drawings by celebrated Kent-based artist Rose Wylie.

Wylie’s bold, large-scale figurative paintings draw on ancient and folk art, such as Mexican street art and contemporary Egyptian Hajj painting, as well as art history and film. Their deliberate awkwardness, closer to the unselfconscious art of children, includes a collage-like approach in which mistakes are simply covered up with patches of cut-up canvas or paper. This display – the first time the Sunley gallery has been used for painting – will focus on recent works from her ongoing Film Notes, a series of paintings inspired by remembered images from contemporary films. An avid and discerning film fan, her recent paintings and drawings have paid homage to directors as diverse as François Ozon, Werner Herzog, Claudia Llosa and Quentin Tarantino, whose films she particularly enjoys painting from because of their ‘glamour and theatricality’.

Rose Wylie was born in Kent, where she still lives and works. She studied at Folkestone and Dover School of Art (1952-6) and the Royal College of Art, London (1979-81) and now, in her early eighties, is enjoying renewed interest in her work in the UK and internationally with recent exhibitions at the Jerwood, Hastings (2012) and Tate Britain (BP Spotlight, 2013), as well as winning the prestigious John Moores painting prize in 2014. In 2010, Wylie was described by Germaine Greer as ‘Britain’s hottest new artist’.

Kashif Nadim Chaudry: Turner Contemporary’s Studio Group commission
November 2016 – May 2017
Turner Contemporary presents its fourth new commission for its Sunley Gallery with a major new work by Nottingham based artist Kashif Nadim Chaudry.

This commission has been selected and curated by Turner Contemporary’s Studio Group: a group of local artists and makers who first came together in 2012 to help produce Turner Contemporary’s first Sunley Gallery commission, Maria Nepomuceno’s Breathing Time (2012). The Studio Group will work with Turner Contemporary to lead on the commission of a new artwork by Chaudry, working closely with the artist to creatively develop and make the work.

Paul Hamlyn: Art Inspiring Change
January 2016 – July 2017
Learning is at the heart of all activity at Turner Contemporary, which aims to transform the way that adults, children and young people see, think and learn through visual art.

In early 2016, Turner Contemporary will launch a unique and innovative schools project supported by the Paul Hamlyn Foundation. The project will enable primary school children to take the lead in order to transform their town and community.

The project will empower young people, integrate generations and bring together school, home and Turner Contemporary. Art Inspiring Change will foster a positive community where arts are valued and adults better understand and support children’s visions and ideas. A series of events will launch the project in January 2016 and a town-wide public celebration will mark its completion in July 2017.

Turner Contemporary is delighted to announce that Southeastern is the lead project sponsor forArt Inspiring Change, supporting Margate and East Kent’s regeneration through its generosity and time.
2016 Campaign sponsor
Turner Contemporary is delighted that Southeastern is the gallery’s lead campaign sponsor for 2016, building upon their existing partnership and widening the impact of Margate and East Kent’s regeneration.

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