Bay Tree Broadstairs Refurbishment Week 29

The Bay Tree Broadstairs is currently closed for a major refurbishment and will re-open in July 2017.

We are still reachable on 01843 862502 and at

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Ben, our Bedlington Terrier, is keeping a close watch on the refurbishment of his hotel!


A lot of our new window frames are now in place
If you look closely you will spot some of our builders on the roof…


The builders on the roof are working on the new electric windows we are placing in our roof above our top floor landing


This picture from our first floor landing, looking up towards our top floor, helps show how much light our new roof windows will let in, even on a cloudy day


This is the view from the roof where the roof windows will go – Viking Bay is visible in the distance and Stone Bay, directly in front of The Bay Tree, can be seen on the left


Stone Bay, taken from the roof of The Bay Tree



This picture isn’t very exciting but this is the start of the ‘Jackoboard’ wet room flooring, which will keep our ensuite wetrooms and bathrooms completely watertight


Our bay treupposedly the oldest and largest in Kent, at the rear of our hotel as seen from the owners accommodation with it’s own private balcony

844 Birds eye view 01

This is how the rear of The Bay Tree will look when our work is completed
The rear baloconies for the owners lounge and office can be seen, and below them is the doors of the private terrace for Room 1, Willow, with our rear entrance next in the centre and part of our kitchen on the left.
On the top floor are the Velux ‘Cabrio’ windows for the owners bedroom and the owners bedroom roof window.
This picture doesn’t show the roof windows at the front of the building
Some of our oriel windows (we’ll also use these on the other side of the hotel which isn’t visible in this picture) can be seen.
Our Juliet balcony windows, which will go where there is a white panel above our front door but on our top floor, are also not visible in this picture

20170421_133601The roof of our kitchen can be seen on the left of this picture, as can the balcony doors for the owners office and lounge
Above the kitchen, the new window for Room 7, Walnut’s bathroom can be seen

20170420_131441 (1)

This is an example of a picture we have bought – not for the artwork but so we can restore the frames to use in sea-view lounge, sea-view restaurant and library with some exciting artwork we have been procuring


We have also been making final choices of carpets (houndstooth to 20170421_134509

We are progressing with putting skirting boards in place


Lastly, our new owl has just arrived at The Bay Tree, to live in our library

We’d love to hear name suggestions…

Bay Tree Broadstairs Refurbishment Week 28

The Bay Tree Broadstairs is currently closed for a major refurbishment and will re-open in July 2017.

We are still reachable on 01843 862502 and at

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Ben has been busy chairing our latest monthly review meeting on our refurbishment progress


This is the sea view guests will get from our ‘Juliet’ balcony windows in Rooms 8 and 9, Alder and Yew


This is the view from the same windows looking south towards Viking Bay


In Room 7, Walnut, the space within our ensuite bathroom window for the bath to sit in the window (the window will be obscure) is nearing completion


Room 7’s bathroom window can be seen on the left in this picture of the rear of The Bay Tree

20170414_144222 (1)

We are almost ready for the tiles we will be using in our bathrooms – these (on the bottom of the picture) will go on the walls and we’re choosing the correct shade of tile grouting


The lower wood-effect ceramic tiles will go on all our bathroom and wet-room floors.
They have an R11 anti-slip rating so there is no danger of anyone slipping on them


Ben, here in one of our garages we are using for storage, has been helping sort through some picture frames we will be using to display some exciting artwork which will be on display in The Bay Tree

20170415_105102_optimized (1)

Ben (just visible in the corner of this picture) has also been helping us find some more comfy armchairs – although these ones we’re keeping for the owners lounge!


We’ve been looking at more carpet choices for our sea view lounge and library


Ben is keeping a close eye on what our builders are doing

However, Ben is also finding time to swim in Dumpton Gap (the beach on the other side of Viking Bay, which can be seen in the distance towards the end of this video)

Viking Bay, as seen from the cliffs above Dumpton Gap
We think you can see why we love Broadstairs and think you’d love to visit here too!


Bay Tree Broadstairs Refurbishment Week 27

The Bay Tree Broadstairs is currently closed for a major refurbishment and will re-open in June 2017.

We are still reachable on 01843 862502 and at

Untitled design

Bay Tree owners Alistair Dixon and Robert Stone, outside The Bay Tree Broadstairs


We’ve now started adding more of our new Acacia-wood window frames which respect the age of our building (The Bay Tree was built in 1895)
This is our sea-view lounge


Here we see some of the frames being put in place
The original wood window surrounds and skirting will be put back in place to preserve our original features


This is how some of our new windows are looking
We will have French patio doors leading from our sea view restaurant onto our terrace where the sign saying DG Joinery Ltd (our builders) currently is


The sea views from our balcony room are still as gorgeous as ever!


This is the rear of The Bay Tree, with our bay tree, supposedly the oldest alnd largest in Kent, to the right of our building
The roof tiles are now being placed on our extension
On the left of the building their is a large gap where we are replacing what was a ‘hidden window’, tucked behind old Room 6 (it will become Room 7, Walnut). There was a hidden area behind old Room 6 window: by cleverly opening up the chimney space, and getting into the gap we can create a much bigger bathroom. This room will also benefit from having a bath placed inside it’s new window


This is a close up looking into the new Room 7 bathroom space


This is looking from inside Room 7 out through it’s bathroom


We are getting on with the plastering in other rooms, such as Room 9, Yew, with it’s new Juliet balcony windows which offer a glimpse of the sea


On the top floor of our new extension, which will be the owners bedroom, the ensuite wetroom is now taking shape
We have deliberately designed this area, and the owners living, eating and office areas on the floor below, so that they can easily be converted into guest accomodation should the owners move, for example, next door

owners kitchen

It’s compact, with a fair bit of hidden equipment (washer dryer, dishwasher, fridge etc.) but this is the owners’ kitchen


Ben has been testing out our carpet samples!


Ben is always keen to spend time on the beach, such as at Botany Bay, just a few minutes drive from The Bay Tree, here on a very busy Sunday in April!